Iceland, July 2017

A few days after returning home from Scotland, I set out with some friends for a road trip around Iceland. Our first destination was Landmannalaugar in the highlands of the country’s interior, where we camped for a night and hiked some of the areas’s incredible mountains. Form there, we drove back to the West, stopping at the usual Golden Circle tourist trap stuff before continuing on to the Westfjiords north of the capital. The trip ended with a ferry to the Hornstrandir peninsula in the far north, where we intended to trek to Hornvik bay to camp for the night before catching a ferry back to the mainland.

We had terrible weather, though, and after arriving soaked to the bone in Hornvik, we learned from a park ranger that our return ferry was cancelled and that we would have to hike back the way we came to catch a different boat back to the mainland. The return trek was quite harrowing, as the rain had swelled the rivers we had crossed easily the day before and weakened the ice we had crossed. We eventually made it back that evening to the mainland freezing but largely unscathed, but had to immediately drive six hours back to Reykjavik to catch our flight home.