current teaching

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ECO202: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy (undergraduate)
An intermediate-level course in macroeconomics. Topics include: measurement of macroeconomic aggregates, long-run economic growth, short-run fluctuations and stabilization policy, international trade, and exchange rates.

ECO419: International Macroeconomics (undergraduate)
An advanced undergraduate course on international borrowing/lending and exchange rate dynamics. We will study important concepts, empirical facts, and puzzles in international macro and build models to make sense of them (or not, in some cases!)

ECO2303: International Macroeconomics (graduate)
An MA-level course that studies how trade between countries in goods, services, and assets changes over time, both over the business cycle and the long run.

past teaching

ECO202: 2013-2018
ECO419: 2017-2018
ECO2303: 2013-208